YouTube Alternative

YouTube has been around in our lives for a while now and it is undoubtedly a household name. Millions of people watch the videos on YouTube for hours. Many people don’t even think there are any alternatives to YouTube. Undoubtedly, they have set the bar for the best and so the consumer of this service do think they are the best. However, there are alternatives to YouTube and you feel like being out of the box from your friends then you can surely find some alternatives online. Videos are becoming a popular part of the online experience and a lot of websites include videos for digital marketing. People don’t buy CDs anymore for the videos, everything is online and our world has now become online. Therefore, if you want to find something a little different to YouTube, down below you will find the best alternatives to this website but let me remind you, read it with no biased views towards YouTube. We love YouTube but try giving these sites a try, you might be shocked at how much you like it. So, while you read this, keep all your other thoughts away and read it with a smile and obviously give all of these a chance to impress you.


1. Vimeo


One of the first sites that started supporting HD videos playback was actually this particular site. The main emphasis of the site was to laid on high-quality videos across different categories even though it allows user-generated video uploads. The whole site stands out apart from its content is that it includes shows like “Orange is the New Black”, “The Royals” and much more. All these videos are also advertisement free.

Users of Vimeo don’t have to go through the problem of watching unnecessary ads. There are no ads before or after the video and this makes the video experience for the user a lot nicer. Reviews about the site have also been pretty good. However, if you decide to compare it with YouTube then you might not have the best of experience. If you try and use it in an unbiased way, you might be surprised as to how much you actually like it. This site does give you the HD quality so next time around if you are struggling with your videos being low quality, try to upload it on Vimeo. It might help your cause.

If you need an alternative that is most visited after YouTube then it has to be Daily Motion. It is a great alternative and gained popularity because it has videos that even YouTube doesn’t have. The website shows multitudes of videos and its ability to have users access to different videos makes it better. This was launched in the same year as YouTube.

However, it doesn’t have the interface to compete with their biggest competitor but they always try and work to make the website as more unique as they can to give an edge over YouTube and every other alternative out there. The website is very easy to use as well. A lot of good reviews have been there for this site. The rare videos of YouTube are found here and users are never disappointed. You might sometimes face unavailability issues for rights or because the file has been removed but apart from that, you will have a good time in trying to find your videos. The search for videos is pretty good too. If you are looking for series or movies, this might be your stop.

2. Dailymotion

DailyMotion is the 2nd largest video website on earth. With over 112 million unique visitors, DailyMotion offers potential for your own video reach tens of thousands of individuals and to go viral.

The website's port is like what YouTube used to seem like previously. You may see trending videos on very top onto the site along with a search bar.

To upload the videos/movies, just register with any email id and begin uploading for a watch on DailyMotion.

Maximum uploading dimensions of any movie is 4 Gb in size with a resolution of HD 1080p and 60 minutes in duration.To remove the limitation of amount or size you will need to register for MotionMaker accounts, which is free of charge.

You may find more details here.For that you'll need to be a portion of DailyMotion OpenVOD program, you can make money but.

3. Metacafe 


The website started in the early 2000s but it recently has found and gained popularity, mainly due to the short form video format on the website. A maximum number of videos are one to three minutes long. If you visit the website, you will notice the array of categories that are in a drop down menu located at the top left of the website and if you are trying to look for some quick highlights, then video game walk through or brief reviews is where you need to be at.

The site is actually pretty decent. The only drawback is the video format but if you are an impatient being and want to see different short videos, you might actually like this site. The recent trend of short videos has significantly risen and everyone wants to be a part of the internet fame and so now MetaCafe is doing a great job at trying to make the users happy. So, next time you want a short but nice video, you might want to try this. You just might like it more than you think you would.

4. Photobucket

You are supposed to know of 9gag as you have probably seen it on Facebook and your mind instantly travels to an ocean of entertaining content like images, memes, GIFs and the likes. The video section of this website screams sensationalism and fun content just like any other part of the website. However, just like other sections of the website, the videos also have a few NSFW videos so if you don’t like videos of this sort, you should avoid it and if you like NSFW videos then avoid watching it in the office. The website is the perfect place to be at if you are bored or you are looking to do something for hours on end. Apart from wasting time, this website will surprise as how much of content they have. The site is pretty diverse and you will find yourself sharing their content all the time. They are funny and make your day, unlike many other sites where you won’t find funny contents all the time or you might have to especially try and find them. You get into this site and you wouldn’t even know how long you have been here and that’s okay if you had a long and hard day. Everyone deserves a little rest.

5. Flickr 

This website is used for hosting images but lately, it has also let users upload and share videos which a lot of people are not aware of. For uploading a video, you just have to sign up for a free account and then you can upload videos, that too in HD quality. The free account comes with 1 TB memory but with the pro account, you get unlimited storage and ad-free. If you look for features, you might not be very glad. Nobody really expected the video update of the site but the more the merrier. Users have actually been pretty impressed with the video option of the site. You get to post nice and good quality videos online and they all stay at one place with your photos. So, the next time you think Flickr is only for photographers, you might be wrong. The website is great to use as we all know it but if you want to upload a nice video of scenarios or nature, this might be a great stop.

6. Veoh 


This is actually a good alternative for YouTube. You can upload any length of the video and share them instantly. The site has a lot of special features, like adding friends, personal messages, groups, forums etc. The search isn’t very good which kind of makes the browsing a little problematic. The website is almost like Facebook in a sense of networking but in a video format. You get to expose your video making talents to the world and your friends through the website. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the video as well because it is pretty good. You might actually find yourself liking the site more than you think as you get to network and communicate with other talented or enthusiastic people out there. You should, of course, give this site a chance because the makers put a lot of effort in it. You might be a little sad with the browsing system as noted above but the upload and the other features actually make up for it. The special features are great for any user and very easy to handle as well.

7. The Internet Archive

​The videos that are on The Internet Archive are part of the WayBack Machine. It stores a huge amount of videos which range from entertaining clips to serious documentaries. Users also have the permission to upload their content on the archive. Not many of these videos are new but it really boasts about the enormous library of videos, TV series, movies and documentaries that it stores which are pretty hard to find in any other video websites. This is not a very known site to a lot of people out there but as per the name, it does have a lot of videos. If you are looking for videos that are a few years old or maybe you just need for something very important, try opting to this website. As said above, they might not be very updates but it will surely have what you need. The search is pretty decent too. Of course, comparing it to YouTube won’t be the best of choice so recommending to use it with the acceptance that this isn’t YouTube.

8. Vube 


This is the newest video site that is on the list. The site first went live in early 2013 and within a few months of its availability, it reached the list of the top hundred most visited websites in the world. The site is getting a huge amount of traffic from its aggressive marketing strategies. The UI is pretty simple and clean to understand and the browsing experience is also decent. You can freely upload videos on this site after you are done registering your free account. The uploading process is easy to follow and the site is usually running a different kind of contests for their users to generate higher quality content. The newest edition of the video sites out there, you might be comparatively impressed with the website because of the high traffic and good contents. Of course, you might think that they are new and they need a lot of different updates to be the best but they actually already have a lot of features to them and it is very nice. The site is a great place to channel your videos and see videos of other users. The browsing is also easy to handle and the instructions are not complicated at all. They do have a lot of chance to make themselves way better but for now, in a competitive market, they are doing great.

Videos can be quite an entertainment for everyone and especially if you have absolutely nothing to do. You can obviously try and opt to YouTube all the time because it is the most accessible video site out there. But you could obviously try and find other websites just like the ones mentioned above. Every one of them has the good and bad sides to them. Some have good quality while the others have better features. Some of the sites are funny and some of them have more of a serious vibe to it. In any way, a good site is a mixture of it all depending on its theme and essence, of course. But as mentioned in all the relevant sites above, they are all new and good and the users of them are more or less happy with the service they are getting. It is quite accessible and these are new to video users as well. You would have to be nice to these sites and cut them some slack if you really want to enjoy browsing through their sites. So, next time, you want to watch videos try and find the above-mentioned sites, just in case you feel like trying something new. It’s always good to discover and try new things, right? Life is short to just be stuck with one particular thing, doesn’t matter if it’s just an online website. The world of the internet or as we call it, the virtual world is our new reality.

I hope you find the post useful, your opinions and suggestions are important to us. So, feel free to leave them in comments below the post.